Lower Broadheath is going to have a number of housing developments in the next few years - whether we like it or not.      Perhaps we won't like the extra cars on the road, or the worries about drainage

 - but there are some positives as well:


                    Our primary school will get more children, making its future more secure.


                    The shop will have more customers and maybe the post office will stay as it is.


                    And there will be money available, from the builders/developers, for community projects.


         With the support of your Parish Council, and our District Councillors, the Village Hall Charity Management have decided to apply for a new 'Sports Hall'.   This will be large enough to hold three badminton courts, or full size 5-a-side football/ basketball courts, or a 20 metre archery range, as well as loads and loads of other sport facilities. There will be changing rooms and showers, a larger car parking area, and upgrades to our existing halls.

         BUT,  we need your help.  Malvern Hills District Council say we have to 'prove' that there is a need - apparently its their decision where this money gets spent- not yours.  Unless we can show that the people in Lower Broadheath want, and will use , a great facility like this , then MHDC will spend Lower Broadheath's 'community fund' money somewhere else.


         Included with the August 2014 'Broadheath Newsletter'  there will be a questionaire , with a pre-paid return envelope. This questionaire is shown on this website, but we need you to complete the form delivered to your house and post it back to us.  


Please, please, complete the form in full and post it back.


         Remember, a community sports hall, managed by local people, will provide affordable sporting facilities on your doorstep for you, your children, and your grandchildren.


                                                 Lower Broadheath deserves the best.